What's Your Chronic Pain Type?

People with chronic pain usually fall into
1 of 3 'Types' - based on how their
pain system reacts.

Discover your type in 30 seconds -
and then use this new insight to reduce
or even eliminate your chronic pain:

3 Great Reasons to take the 'Chronic Pain Type' Quiz

1. Chronic Pain is NOT a '1 size fits all' problem. There are 3 different strategies to work with 3 different types of chronic pain.

2. Treating Chronic Pain is virtually IMPOSSIBLE if you treat it with the conventional methods used for short term pain. This is because there are changes that take place at a nerve level you need to fix before you can get pain relief.

3. Based on 8 different factors, we can give you your chronic pain relief type and you'll get the results for FREE.

Once you know your chronic pain type - it becomes MUCH easier to effectively treat it - because you're treating the real underlying cause.

About the Author

Dr Jonathan Kuttner is a Musculo-skeletal Pain Specialist with over 3 decades experience treating muscle & joint pain.

After a serious hang gliding crash where he nearly died, Dr Kuttner had 6+ years of chronic back pain. He was able to crack the code and get out of pain though - and now with the site www.LifeAfterPain.com he's helped thousands of people with their chronic muscle and joint pain.

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